Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fare thee well my blog...

It's time to say goodbye to this blog. It's been an amazing outlet for the past 5 years... thanks to everyone who read me and for leaving comments! I'll let you all know if or when I have something else in the works!


Anvilcloud said...


Adriana said...

sad to see you go!!

Celeste said...

I'll miss your blog and pics and writing... guess I'll have to get together with you in person :) :)

Cuppa said...

WHAT????????????? Oh no!

La said...

hey you! We want to come and see you, when is a good time, how are you doing? how else can I keep in touch?? let me know we love you tons and miss you very much xox kisses to you and Jinu - mavis

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU!

For letting me (us) in to your life, and for every bit of inspiration.

We'll chat soon =)


Rowan said...

there goes one of my favorite pastimes.

need to catch up soon.

lots of love x

Meagan said...

How am I supposed to keep up to date with you and my sweet Jinu!!!!
I need to watch him grow up somehow!!!!
oh dear...this is a sad sad day.
You'll have to write me emails to keep me updated then yeah?
Love you and miss you Sare (and of course Jinu)

Anonymous said...

Awe! I know this will just be a new chapter in your life! ;)
I will say farewell instead of goodbye! xo
Love ya!
I loved being able to see all your updates! ;)

Love: Christine